Will it fit?

With the engine in place it’s clear that there’s quite a bit of work to do before everything fits properly.  We installed the Thor V8  with most of its ancillaries in place. Now I am removing parts that prevent the bonnet from shutting.

  1. The throttle body mounting had to go. That required the removal of the  entire top end of the inlet manifold – the part that looks like a bunch of bananas. I will be replacing the original single 68mm throttle body with two 48mm Jenvey units.
  2. The coil packs were already partially removed. Those may have to be repositioned, or I could just relocate the cabin air intake.
  3. Mounting lugs on the top of the  manifold are too high, so it’s the hacksaw for them.



There are now two more serious problems to fix. The inlet/outlet position on the aircon compressor is too high  and will only get higher with its pipes attached.  Perhaps there is a variant of the part that has a different pipe configuration?

Although I won’t be keeping the steering pump, I would prefer it not to be acting as an engine mount. When I can clear the engine steady bracket, I will gain another 10 mm of extra bonnet clearance.

Steering pump touches chassis

For some light relief while I had the inlet manifold off the car I  started trying to get a polished finish like the  show engine  that was shown a few posts ago.

More soon


2 thoughts on “Will it fit?”

  1. Hi Ian I have Just found a 3″ hole in my nearside lower chassis rail on my Marcos Mantula spyder, so a body off refurbishment is about to start,if you wish to compare notes or have a chat please feel free to get in touch via e,mail.

    1. Hello Keith,
      Sorry to hear of your problems with the Mantula Spyder. I’ve sent you an email.

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