So much to do…

A list of all the jobs to be done during the Mantula build. The green cells show tasks that have been completed.

 Task  Description Date
Prepare workshop Give myself enough space to start working on the Mantula. 2014-09-13
Retrieve the car from storage. Move the car from Newport to Bembridge. 2014-09-20
Swap the engine Remove the old V8 then trial fit the new Thor V8 2014-09-22
Check clearances Decide what can stay and what has to go or be moved. Get bonnet to close 2014-10-12
Climate control Design air-conditioning system layout. 2014-12-20
Throttle adapters Design the new throttle body adapters. 2015-08-30
Plan engine bay Design the revised engine bay layout.
Remove the body. How many screws and where are they? Dig out the expanded foam from sill cavities.
Remove the engine. Hoist the engine and gear box out of the chassis.
Strip the chassis. Remove wheels brakes and suspension components. Mount the chassis on sturdy castors.
Chassis modifications Transport to Arch’s Speed Shop for IRS and anti bump steer mods.
Engine rebuild Full rebuild by V8 Developments Ltd.
Modify aircon pump Redesign the aircon pump’s inlet/outlet manifold; possible new machined part needed.
Obtain radiator To be compatible with the Range Rover engine plumbing…

To be continued…

5 thoughts on “So much to do…”

  1. Hi your article makes interesting reading, I started upgrading my Marcos some 16 years ago. Unfortunately I probably went to far ? My car was originally a 3 Litre Ford which I have now converted to a 4 litre V8 TVR Chamera motor. After buying the whole car which had been involved in an accident . It’s been a job to make everything fit, especially those forward exhausts, radiator, air conditioning etc. I’ll send some photographs.

    Regards Mark Perfett
    Johannesburg, South Africa

    1. Thanks Mark,
      Good luck with your long project. I would love to see the photos.


  2. Hi I have just bought M314 CEU Mantula but i have to strip it down to galvenize the chassis. Could you please tell me how many screws hold down the bodytub i have found a lot of them.
    Thanks – Gary in Huddersfield.
    My old car was EFJ887 theres a video on club marcos international.

    1. Hi Gary,
      I’m not sure of the total number, but it’s about 70 if I remember correctly. Some screws are well hidden and can lead to damage if they’re not found. Areas to check are:

      • Inside the fuel tank recess;
      • Rear parcel shelf;
      • Front of foot-wells
      • Behind the dashboard – some of mine were covered in grp!

      I used to have a document that shows all of the locations, but can’t find it right now.
      Good luck with the rebuild.

    2. Gary,
      I used to own M314 CEU
      Would love to see a few pics of how she looks these days!
      Obviously if you ever think about selling her……!!!!!
      Best wishes,

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