Home at last

Today the Marcos came home to Bembridge for the first time. It’s been squeezed into our tiny single garage where the rebuild will begin.


The old engine has gone, it didn’t survive being left untended for so long. Although it was just about possible to turn it over by hand it was clearly in a bad way.

The new engine is a 4.6 litre ‘Thor’ V8 from a 2001 Range Rover. It came with all ancillaries including alternator, air-con pump, power steering pump, ignition system and various odds and ends.


20140922_165739The big plan for the engine is to replace the single throttle body and tapered plenum with two 48mm Jenvey throttle bodies. This modification is to give clearance between the inlet manifold and the bonnet.

I don’t expect that the power steering pump will stay, but the air-con pump will be used, but only if I can find a suitable compact system to plumb it into.

I will need a new low profile sump too, but that’s for later.

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