The real work starts now!

First post of the year and it’s only February! After what feels like an eternity, the IRS conversion starts next week.  The design work was far more complex than expected, but after a few set-backs I eventually  had a 3D model that I was happy with. 

From the 3D CAD model I was able to generate the sheet metal drawings for all of the brackets, webs and plates that will give the IRS its strength. All 57 items were all cut out of 3mm steel plate on a CNC plasma table at Northshore Classics here on the Isle of Wight.  

A company on the mainland made a few dummy bushes for me. These will be used in place of the poly-bushes while the chassis is being welded. That will save the poly-bushes from melting and ensure all of the suspension mounting points stay in alignment. 

Dummy bushes and suspension mounts

The threaded item on the left will be for the lower wishbone pick-up points which will be welded into the chassis tubes. 

Much more to follow next week.

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