IRS development

It’s been a slow year for work on my old Mantula. The latest delay has been caused by having too much paying work to do. I can’t complain its nice to know that I can pay the bills!

One of those bills was for a whole batch of parts from Marcos Heritage Spares. They supplied the wishbones and shock absorbers for the conversion to Independent Rear Suspension. Having these parts available for accurate measurement means that I can complete the 3D CAD drawings of the entire chassis.

While I do have the basic measurements of an IRS set-up, I have an idea to make some design changes over the original Marcos design. One of the problems is regarding a known weakness were the differential top mount attaches to the chassis cross member. So, I’ll attempt to use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in Fusion 360 to prove the strength and perfect my design. More on the results in a future update.

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