Thank you

I have several people to thank for their help and patience over the last 32+ years.

My parents, Tom and Gill Proudfoot. It was their carport in Porchfield on the Isle of Wight where the Marcos build began.

April 1984 the Marcos is unloaded.
Delivery Day April 1984
May 1984
Three weeks into the build.

When I had to stop the build, the Marcos moved to their next-door neighbour Peggy’s garage.

After a year or so it moved again to the garage of one of my best friends, Mark Bendig.  It was there for perhaps two years before we bought a house with a garage (but no space or opportunity to work on it).

We moved house again, but spent some time in a place without a garage, so the Marcos found itself “temporarily” in my aunt Ro’s garage. The temporary stay lasted 14 years!

For the first time since the car was unloaded from the delivery van, I have needed some volunteers to help remove the body. Thank you Derek Atkins and my son Dan for their efforts – greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all of you for your understanding.




3 thoughts on “Thank you”

  1. Hello !
    Very curious as to why the car called my name?

    Andrey Mantula

    1. Hello Andrey,
      As far as I know the name of the car was invented for the new model when it was first announced in 1983. The full name of the car is the Marcos Mantula. Other Marcos models include the Mantis and the MantaRay, so it fits the alliterative naming style.


  2. Hi Ian,

    Hopefully you can get going on this project again soon, be good to see another on the road but understand life does get in the way and out of sight is out of mind etc

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