For sale

The Marcos will be modified extensively, so some parts will  become surplus and put up for sale. I’ll put them on here first then if nobody wants them I’ll try eBay.

Mantula Rear light clusters

Unused but could do with a polish. A small scratch on one lens. Photo to follow.

Complete live axle link rod set.

Never used on the road.

3 thoughts on “For sale”

  1. Hi
    Just started renovating a -70 3l and are missing some pieces. Might be interested in the axle if my current plan don’t work out. Since you seem to have your axle accessible. Could you do me a favor and give me an approximal total width of the axle and how far apart the special brackets are? I don’t agree with the 1981 manual.

    1. Hello, your timing would be perfect. The axle will be removed in the next week or two. I was wondering what to do with it. The axle may be too wide for a 3 litre, but I’ll measure it tomorrow.


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