Engine rebuild Begins

Today the Mantula rebuild took a great leap forward as the engine was dispatch for its rebuild. The work will be done by V8 Developments in Lincolnshire.  www.v8developments.co.uk

For those who are interested here’s the basic build specification:

  • 4.6 litre top-hat liners
  • New pistons
  • New piston rings
  • New main bearings
  • New big End bearings
  • New cam bearings
  • New core plugs
  • Fully balanced assembly
  • Pocketing of pistons
  • Lapped and polished crank
  • Special grind short nose Stealth cam kit
    • Special grind stealth Cam
    • Timing chain set
    • High rev Lifters
    • Running in oil and additive
  • Comp head gaskets
  • Comp head bolts
  • Warrior spec big valve heads
    • Warrior spec porting
    • Large valves
    • New guides
    • New valve stem seals
    • New double valve springs
  • All required gaskets and seals
  • Fully refurbished rocker assemblies
  • Recondition and fit front cover, including new oil pump gear and up-rated oil pressure relief valve kit
  • Fully refurbished rocker covers
  • Balance front pulley
  • Lighten, balance, face and machine flywheel to take trigger wheel
  • Up-rated clutch
  • Adjustable push rods

2 thoughts on “Engine rebuild Begins”

  1. Could you send me a link for the starter for this motor please ? I need a new one.thx

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