What happened to 2018?

2018 was a write-off a far as the Mantula rebuild was concerned. I did absolutely nothing on it other than a few hours spent updating my CAD models for the upcoming chassis modifications. I’ll show the progress on that in a future post. Hopefully quite soon!

Rather that the Marcos getting the attention, my time has been spent on finishing the woodwork in my home office – a lovely log cabin in my back garden. It’s only taken seven years to get round to it.  Now there are no draughts and far fewer spiders…

Work also took up far too much time, but that comes with the territory as a small business owner.

I’m currently rebuilding the back end of my garage workshop due to weather damage. That will be done within the next week, then it’s Marcos time  🙂

I would like to apologise for my failure to respond to those who have left comments on some of my previous posts. I’ll answer them all soon.

I can promise more Marcos activity in 2019. Watch for detailed info on the chassis mods and engine/gearbox updates.


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