Back to basics

Back in 1984 I had many ideas on how to ‘improve’ various design features of the Mantula. I spent many hours on redesigning areas such as the ventilation system, dashboard, the battery box, pedal box cover and filling under-body cavities to prevent chassis corrosion.

Now on reflection I think I could have done so much better, it all had to go. Actually the dash board and stronger supporting structure was quite good, but again I now know how to do it the professional way.  Following a wonderful touring holiday in Canada, the last week of August has mainly involved the final parts of the strip-down. Ripping out all of those old modifications. It was a horrible job cutting out old GRP in confined spaces with a Dremel. Itchy work in such hot sticky  weather!

Now it’s clean and ready for the next stage. Before the body comes off there’s some measuring to be done for the new components that I’ll be designing. Expect to see lots of carbon fibre this time…