3D printing

Today I collected the results of my experiment with 3D printed parts. In a previous post I showed how I was designing a revised inlet system using two new throttle bodies to replace the standard Range Rover part. The design has matured a little and the geometry is now fixed so it would be great to get the parts manufactured.

The final adapter design in Fusion 360

This is a screen capture from the Fusion 360 CAD program showing the adapters in place on the manifold.


This is the result, printed here on the Isle of Wight by Island 3D Printing.



And here’s one of the adapters with a throttle body attached. The oil filler tube will have to be relocated before I can mount the other side.



Marcos Owner’s Club Rally 2015

What a great weekend that was! Here on the island I never get to see any other Marcos cars, so to see more than 50 in one place was a huge thrill! But it’s not just the cars, the owners are some of the nicest people you could hope to meet.

The venue is rather special too…


Here’s a random selection of pictures from the event, not too bad for a mobile phone…