I’m still here!

Sorry that I’ve been so quiet for the last couple of months. Progress on the car has been minimal due to other commitments. While I’m out of the country often it been impossible to get anything done.

I’m sure you would prefer to see pictures of the Mantula, but nothing new to show yet. However time hasn’t been totally wasted as I prepare to design the changes for the inlet system.

Fusion 360

The image below shows the work-in-progress on two fronts. The first front is learning to use a 3D parametric CAD system. I chose Autodesk’s Fusion 360 Ultimate. It’s really easy to learn, has an appropriate feature set and is affordable. For any ‘hobbyist’ it is free, at least for now… Better even than that it’s a joy to use. I think I’m becoming addicted.

Second front is the design of the inlet system.


The model still has a long way to go, but I think it’s worth the effort. Drawing the plenum has been a real challenge due to its totally asymmetric, organic design and overall complexity. As you can see I still have three more inlet runners to model, plus all of the fixing points.

The next part is the black mounting adapter with the Marcos logo. This will be 3D printed once the final design has been fixed. The current version needs some rework for clearance.  Of course I will only know the effect on performance once I get to run the engine.

The last part shows one of the Jenvey 48mm throttle bodies. This has been modelled to 0.01 mm accuracy to ensure that the throttle linkage works first time. A really great feature of Fusion 360 is the ability to design joints that are limited to a realistic range of movement. So far I have the throttle opening the correct 83 degrees. This will be eventually joined to the main link mechanism, again with accurate movement limits.

For the next few weeks I will be completing this design work. Then I’ll send the CAD files to a local machine shop for manufacture.

Jenvey throttle  bodies

As mentioned above I’m going to use the excellent Jenvey throttle bodies to replace the original Range Rover item. Here’s a comparison.


Two smaller throttles should give better response than a single large throttle. I can’t wait to find out!



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