Feels like only yesterday

Last week I took a look at the Mantula to see if it was in a suitable state to move.  Yes if was filthy but that was to be expected. But I had forgotten just how many odds and ends were left inside and in the boot. No reason to keep them in there so I brought them home with me.

Now  I’ve just finished sorting and cleaning everything that’s worth keeping. That was a mucky job and I should have worn a face mask… Quite a lot had to go  including the main instruments which were badly corroded.  I wasn’t planing to use them on this build anyway.

I found an unused new set of  Mantula rear lights which I bought from the factory. I won’t be using them so if anyone needs a replacement set, make me an offer. These are the wide rectangular units with a curved mounting surface.

However, working my way through all of that old stuff made it feel like I last worked on the car yesterday, not 25 years ago! Best of all it’s really beginning to feel as if I can succeed this time.


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