Marcos Mantula: the never ending build…

Welcome to my Mantula blog.

After far too many years in storage the Mantula moves slowly into the sunshine.

Mantula emergesIt’s time to re-start the build of this beautiful car. This weekend I pulled off its dust sheets and pumped up the tyres. Then moved it out into the fresh air. Its great to see it again after so many years. But it does look terribly neglected. I really should have taken better care of it.

So the good news is that the tyres still look good and it was easy enough to move around.  So it should be relatively simple to transport the car to my garage/workshop.

The bad news is that the car has been home to mice, so the sound proofing is in a sorry state. There is corrosion on the frame where  the Hammerite paint has given up. The engine must surely be in a bad way too as the protective cap on the Holley carburettor has been eaten, perhaps by those mice?

Otherwise it’s much as I left it in 1999.  There is much work to be done, and I can’t wait to get started.